PSA is supporting the ‘All United Against Coronavirus, an alliance of Fondation de France, AP-HP (Assistance Publique-Hôpitaux de Paris) and Institut Pasteur.

“The health crisis we are going through has shown the essential role of mobility in meeting the essential needs of populations: access to healthcare, medicine, hygiene products and food,” said Fondation PSA general delegate, Karine Hillaireau.

“The Covid-19 health crisis affects us all directly and hits the most fragile and isolated people even harder. Faced with the extent of needs for solidarity mobility expressed by a large number of associations, Fondation PSA has chosen to contribute to this dedicated national fund.

“Its Committee of Experts ensures, on a daily basis, the fairest and most efficient distribution of funds between the various associations.”

For his part, Fondation de France MD, Axelle Davezac added: “In front of the many challenges we face and those we will all have to face in the coming weeks and months, one conviction is certain: never in our modern history have we needed mutual aid and solidarity so much.

“The help provided by Fondation PSA is very precious in this respect. “

The Fondation PSA board met in extraordinary session and decided to redirect all funds earmarked for its 2020 calls for projects to the benefit of emergency solidarity mobility solutions in favour of:

  • Mobility of healthcare professionals and caregivers to the sick, including home help for the elderly or disabled
  • Distribution of food, health and hygiene products for people in precarious or isolated situations
  • Support for the mobility of structures of general interest that carry out actions in areas of activity essential to the life of the nation, in this period of health crisis, particularly to maintain the mobility of the most fragile in rural areas