PSA has appointed Grégoire Olivier head of China from 1 April.

In addition to his current role as general secretary and Services and Parts activity management, the board has appointed Olivier, head of China, succeeding Carlos Gomes who has chosen to leave PSA at his own request at the end of June, 2020.

Olivier has worked for several years to develop Group activity in China and has a strong knowledge of the area and Chinese culture, says the manufacturer.

The Services & Parts division, the Legal Affairs department and Public Affairs remain the responsibility of Grégoire Olivier, while other tasks are reallocated as following:

  • ASEAN is joining India & Asia Pacific Region, reporting to Emmanuel Delay
  • Business Lab is joining Free2Move, reporting to Brigitte Courtehoux
  • Protection audit & risks department and Compliance Office are joining the Human Resources and Transformation Division, reporting to Xavier Chéreau