PSA and the University of Orléans have renewed the OpenLab Energetics contract for four years.

Created in 2011, OpenLab provides a shared scientific vision of alternative energy industries and powertrains which allow a reduction in CO2 emissions.

It aims to increase and consolidate the partners’ expertise in energy conversion, propulsion system efficiency and electrified powertrain optimisation.

During the eight years it has existed, OpenLab Energetics has overseen a shared scientific programme totalling EUR4m (US$4.5m), ten PhD students, five hires by Groupe PSA, 80 scientific articles and patents and five funded projects (ANR, Labex Caprysses).

The Expl’O Energetics platform, inaugurated on 6 May, is dedicated to the experimental study of sustainable mobility solutions and future energies.

Located at OpenLab Energetics with a budget of EUR2m for four years, the tool brings together high-performance testing methods, pools leading expertise and builds synergy between the industrial and academic worlds.

“The energy sector, and particularly environmental questions such as how to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, is one of the University of Orléans’ major research focuses,” said University of Orléans president, Ary Bruand.

“Our research strategy is underpinned by a commitment to connecting the most fundamental questions with the most applied ones, as well as developing industrial partnerships.

“The long term partnership with PSA through OpenLab Energetics will now be considerably stronger, thanks to the shared platform we are inaugurating today.”

A worldwide network of 18 OpenLabs. The OpenLab Energetics renewal strengthens PSA’s worldwide OpenLab network, which comprises twelve centres in France (one dedicated to artificial intelligence), four in China, one in Brazil and one in Morocco.