PPG said it had completed its acquisition of Dexmet Corporation, a manufacturer of specialty materials for surfaces in aerospace, automotive and industrial applications.

Financial terms were not disclosed.

Dexmet, headquartered in Wallingford, Connecticut, was founded in 1948.

The company, which has 75 employees, specialises in customised, highly-engineered, expanded and perforated metal foils and polymers used in aerospace, energy storage, and other industrial applications.

Last month, Sverica Capital Management announced the signing of a purchase agreement to sell Dexmet to PPG.

"This marks the culmination of a successful partnership with Dexmet, during which the company experienced strong growth over Sverica's six-year investment period," the seller said in a statement.

After acquiring a majority position in Dexmet in 2013, Sverica helped refine strategy, build a "first-class" board of directors, facilitate a management succession and oversee the company's ascent to becoming a pre-eminent provider of lightning strike protection solutions to the commercial aviation industry.

"Sverica has been a fantastic partner and was instrumental in helping us scale and achieve this favorable outcome," said Dexmet CEO Tim Poor.

PPG chairman and chief executive officer Michael McGarry said: "The acquisition of Dexmet will enable PPG to provide further value to our customers by enhancing our range of product offerings, expanding our research and development capabilities, and increasing our market reach across our aerospace, automotive and industrial coatings businesses."