Porsche's Leipzig unit has added a new charging park called Porsche Turbo Charging.

Total capacity including six internal quick charging points, is seven megawatts and the automaker claims Europe's most powerful rapid charging park which is also operated entirely with electricity from renewable energy sources.

Twelve rapid charging points with 350kW (direct current) and four charging points with 22kW (alternating current) are in operation 24/7 and for users of all vehicle brands.

During a pilot phase until the end of March, rapid charging will be free. After that, payment will be made using standard charging cards.

The rapid charging point was developed by Porsche Engineering and claims new charge time standards: depending on vehicle model, up to 100km (60 miles) of range can be added in five minutes. The fast chargers suit all vehicle with Combined Charging System (CCS2) connectors.

Porsche obviously wants to lure in potential customers. Charging customers while waiting can visit its customer centre, including a historical vehicle exhibition and shop or book driving experiences at the Leipzig circuit.

The Leipzig factory makes the automaker's new Taycan EV.