According to a report carried by the Polish News Bulletin (PNB), MG Rover has this week submitted an offer for the ailing Daewoo-FSO car making plant in Warsaw. The report says that the offer involves the transfer of production to Poland of one of MG Rover’s models as well as $125 million in cash.

The report adds that representatives of the government commission preparing a rescue plan for the company have stated that MG Rover remains the sole potential investor interested in the plant. There have been reports recently that the Polish government has been in talks with Hyundai-Kia.

The PNB report adds that according to the Rzeczpospolita daily, it is not yet clear how the new company will be financed. 

The article also says that MG Rover initially wants to make 60,000 to 70,000 cars annually in Poland and puts the break-even level at 50,000 cars per annum.