Plugsurfing and Kia Motors Netherlands are to provide a Europe-wide solution for all Kia electric vehicle drivers.

Using the Kia Public Charging Solution App or RFID Charging Key, customers in the Netherlands will be able to access the charging point network in Europe, powered by Plugsurfing.

They will also gain access to home and office charging through the programme with access to 47,500+ charging points in the Netherlands as well as 110,000+ charging points spanning Europe. Of these points, more than 900 are fast chargers.

“Our goal is to make electric cars affordable and practical for customers by providing a full charging solution,” said Plugsurfing CEO and co-founder, Jacob van Zonneveld.

“We are happy to partner with Kia in the Netherlands, because it will strengthen our efforts to innovate and make clean transport accessible to drivers.”

Search filters and pricing overviews for charging points are additional features. Payment is a choice between pay-as-you-go pricing or subscribing to the charging service.

“This partnership is enabling Kia to make use of an accessible, all-in-one charging solution,” added Kia Motors Netherlands EV brand manager, Tim den Besten.