Plastic Omnium says it is providing Lucid with engineering and production services for its first electric sedan, the Air.

The supplier’s engineering and production experience has supported the Silicon Valley-based carmaker in its ambition to design an EV for the past five years.

Plastic Omnium’s mission was to bring the designs’ intent to life, creating and delivering the Air’s front and rear panels, including fascias, rocker panels and decklid.

To address the challenges of the design required by Lucid, Plastic Omnium created and produced its largest ever composite decklid.

External panels are produced at Plastic Omnium’s plants in Silao and Ramos, Mexico, for delivery to the Lucid factory in Casa Grande, Arizona.

“The length of our working relationship has enabled the emergence of disruptive innovations, such as the largest decklid on the market,” said Plastic Omnium Intelligent Exterior Systems president & CEO, Stéphane Noël.

Through its composite solutions, Plastic Omnium notes it contributes to the range achieved by the Lucid Air via weight saving, a key criteria for all electric vehicles.