Plasman has acquired Minghua USA, a tier-one automotive manufacturing and sequencing company located in Greer, South Carolina, which supplies BMW.

The factory, built in 2016, is an exterior trim paint plant that has capability for full fascia/bumper.

This is the fourth acquisition by Plasman since 2015, and expands global operations to 17 manufacturing sites worldwide.

“Adding the Greer manufacturing site to our portfolio grows Plasman’s planned footprint and allows us to expand our current European customer relationships with BMW and Volvo here in North America. Additionally, through the acquisition, Plasman adds Volkswagen as a new customer with upcoming product launches in 2022 and 2023,” said president & CEO David Wiskel.

The new site, located at the Velocity Industrial Park in Greer, is a mould, paint, bonding and assembly plant location with JIT assembly and sequencing capability.

It is equipped with 16 injection mould machines with tonnage up to 4000t and a Sturm-Eisenmann fascia paint system that can provide capacity to manufacture 1,000,000 bumpers per year.

“Strategically, the site rounds out our southern US footprint and supports some of the most advanced automotive products on the market, including full exterior for the upcoming launch of the new BMW G09 and a complex exterior package for the Volvo XC90 Electric Vehicle,” said Plasman president, North America Tim Berezowski.

Plasman is a key supplier of exterior trim, bumpers/fascia, and subcomponents for major OEM automotive brands, and is a significant player in the consumer goods market specialising in precision moulding. Recently, the company diversified further into the medical device and biotech industry.