Pioneer Corporation announced it has collaborated with NVIDIA to make Pioneer’s 3D-Lidar sensors work with with NVIDIA DriveWorks, a software development kit (SDK) for autonomous driving.

The Pioneer 3D-Lidar is a high-performance, compact, light and low-cost sensor that can precisely measure the distance of a remote object and detect its size and shape, making it an indispensable device and a key for autonomous driving. To start production in 2020, Pioneer has started supplying samples of the 3D-Lidar in last September 2017 to car manufacturers and ICT-related companies in Japan and overseas.

The NVIDIA DriveWorks SDK contains reference applications, tools and library modules to help manufacturers and developers accelerate their work using the NVIDIA Drive AI computing platform for autonomous driving.

“3D Lidars generate large amounts of data, so it takes massive computing power and incredible expertise to make sense of what these sensors pull in,” said Glenn Schuster, senior director, technical marketing, NVIDIA. “As part of the NVIDIA Drive ecosystem, Pioneer’s 3D-Lidar will expedite the R&D toward autonomous vehicles for developers around the world.”

“We believe the collaborating with NVIDIA will allow us to offer an opportunity of the use of our 3D-Lidar technologies to developers for autonomous vehicles,” said Shinsuke Nishimura, executive officer, general manager of Autonomous Driving Systems Business Development Division, Pioneer. “Our 3D-Lidar will make a significant contribution to the realisation of autonomous driving in the future.”