Toyota ranks highest in customer satisfaction with authorised dealer aftersales service in the Philippines for a second consecutive year, according to the JD Power Asia Pacific 2005 Philippines customer satisfaction index study.

Toyota records the greatest improvement in overall satisfaction for 2005, improving 13 points to score 841 index points (on a 1,000-point scale). Toyota also leads the industry across all seven CSI factors and registers the largest improvement in the study in the service delivery factor.

The industry average score improves seven points from 2004, to 827. Six of the seven factors post improved scores, with the largest improvement for service delivery.

The study also finds that customers in the Philippines expect greater transparency in the service process, requiring an explanation for the work performed and the corresponding charges. Customers who are offered an explanation of work and charges record scores 16 points above the service delivery average. In contrast, customers who are not given these explanations record a score more than 140 points below the average.

Not only are customers more satisfied with a transparent process, they are also more willing to return to the dealer for future service and recommend the dealer to others. The proportion of customers who definitely intend to revisit the service dealer post-warranty and recommend the dealer is more than 20% higher among customers who are provided both an explanation of service work and service charges. Clearly, greater transparency in the servicing process benefits both the customer and the manufacturer.

The 2005 Philippines CSI Study is based on evaluations from more than 1,000 new-vehicle owners surveyed at 12 to 18 months of ownership and includes customers who purchased their personal-use passenger cars and light trucks between October 2003 and June 2004.