New vehicle sales in the Philippines fell by 15.2% to 10.978 units in June, from 12,945 units a year earlier, according to member data released jointly by Chamber of Automotive Manufacturers of the Philippines Inc (CAMPI) and the Truck Manufacturers Association (TMA).

The data excludes sales of some brands, including Hyundai and Subaru. CAMPI’s 15 members reported a 1.6% drop in first-half vehicle sales to 70,002 units, from 71,121 units a year earlier.

Passenger car sales were down by just under 1% at 23,498 units in this period, while commercial vehicle sales were down by 2% to 46,504 units.

Toyota reported a first-half sales decline of 5.7% to 24,984 units; while Honda’s sales fell by 21.8% to 6,991 units. Mitsubishi sales were 7.7% higher at 16,865 units, however.

Separately, Hyundai Asia Resources Inc reported a 10.5% rise in first-half sales to 10,355 units.