Cerence and Here Technologies will integrate the latter's location data with the former's Drive range to provide AI mobility assistants to vehicles.

The two companies already were working together before Nuance Communications spun off Cerence and will continue to merge voice powered access with Here maps, APIs and point of interest (POI) data for automakers including Audi, BMW and Daimler.

Voice-enabling Here APIs, such as electric vehicle charging, fuel, parking and weather allows drivers to use natural language instead of specific prescribed commands. 

AI-based learning provides context to a driver's preferences, allowing the solution to provide more pointed and relevant suggestions.

Drivers may be able to interact with POIs outside the car using eye tracking and voice recognition.

"As the popularity of mobility assistants continues to grow, accurate location information is integral to enable a driver to fully [use] the assistant and its capabilities," said Joergen Behrens, chief product officer at Here.