Parkopedia has launched a new multi-domain payment platform enabling drivers to pay for parking, EV charging, fuelling and tolls.

The platform says the solution solves the task for automakers of aggregating a large number of suppliers and payment providers into one integrated payment platform with single sign-on capability for drivers.

The platform is being rolled out in 2021 with automaker and partner announcements to follow shortly and will be accessible via vehicle infotainment systems in combination with website and mobile apps.

Parkopedia first launched in-car payments in 2014 with the parking payments platform delivered in partnership with Volvo.

Now, Parkopedia aims to simplify how drivers make payments for their wider vehicle-based purchases, by consolidating multiple global merchants into one account.

In-car payments for vehicle services can mean having to deal with hundreds of merchants. Parkopedia’s new platform aggregates these merchants and eliminates existing barriers to entry, such as the need to swipe a card to unlock a charging station, or to pay for fuel, delivering connected service to drivers and simplifying management for automakers.

“We are already the market leader for in-vehicle parking payments, so expanding across other key areas of the integrated payments market simply makes sense for our customers,” said Parkopedia COO, Hans Puvogel.

“Our Single Sign-On solution will drastically reduce both the complexities and associated costs for OEMs in this space. We already have the trust from some of the world’s largest automakers with our existing parking products, so we are confident they too will welcome this announcement.”

For his part, Parkopedia founder and CEO, Eugene Tsyrklevich, added: “This past year has proved the future is with digital payments and integrating as many vehicle-centric payments all under one roof with our new payment platform is the logical next step for us and the industry.

“How drivers pay is changing and we are witnessing the growth of electric vehicle sales and charging as well as contact-free fuelling and the emerging smart city toll payments. The platform was created to simplify and automate this complex area for both businesses and consumers alike.”