Panasonic says it will begin manufacturing a new diesel exhaust filter for the Chinese market in anticipation of tougher emissions rules in the world's largest vehicle market.

With new orders from an engine manufacturer in China, Panasonic has announced that it has set up a new plant in Suzhou, China, through its subsidiary, Panasonic Ecology Systems Co., Ltd., to produce a new type of catalyst-coated diesel particulate filter that decomposes particulate matter contained in diesel engine exhaust gas.

The new plant in Suzhou, slated for operation in December, will produce the innovative filters for its customers, including a new customer in the engine manufacturing sector in China.

Panasonic says it has recently won the first order from an engine manufacturer in China, where automotive emissions regulations are being tightened. Panasonic's filters will be adopted by existing diesel vehicles and non-road diesel machinery, the company says.