Panasonic says it has developed 12mm square size (SMD Type) large current (20A-50A) power choke coils, suitable for power supply circuits of automotive ECUs (Electronic Control Units) of HEV, EV, gasoline-powered vehicles.

The new product enables direct mounting on automotive engine ECUs and electromechanical integration.

In accordance with the improvement of fuel consumption of eco-cars and environmental regulations, electronisation of automotive systems enhancements has been rapidly expanding.

In addition, ECU capacity is becoming larger, meaning direct mounting on engine and electromechanical integration is required instead of mounting in the engine room.

Therefore, large currents being set in an extremely high temperature and vibration environment are required for ECUs.

Choke coils are used and mounted in ECU power supply circuits for the purpose of noise removal.

To meet these market requirements, Panasonic commercialised its automotive use of power choke coils, which gives a large current in a compact size, heat resistance and vibration resistance.