FAW‘s joint venture with Al-Haj Motors in Pakistan, Al-Haj FAW Motors, has opened an assembly plant in Karachi.

“After making a respectable impression in the trucks market of Pakistan, our company is ready to gain a share in the pick-up market also,” Al-Haj FAW Motors chief executive Hilal Khan Afridi told Express Tribune. The plant can produce 6,000 trucks and 12,000 light vehicles every year.

The PKR1bn (US$10.3m) plant will manufacture trucks, prime movers, light commercial vehicles and passenger cars. Al-Haj FAW Motors has been assembling two 1,000cc vehicles at the plant since June 2012. Now, the company aims to introduce new vehicles and passenger cars of 1,000-1,500cc engine capacity within the next few years.

Industry officials said the decline in overall economic activity and continuous disruptions in NATO supplies to Afghanistan have resulted in significantly low sales of trucks in Pakistan soAl-Haj FAW Motors’ sales and production plans may be affected due to the falling demand.