Orient and Ricardo are to partner on developing a next-generation battery management system.

The next generation energy storage system – to be designed, developed and manufactured by Singapore-based Orient Technology – will incorporate elements of the battery management and control algorithm technology from Ricardo.

The battery pack development support offered by Ricardo ranges from applying new cell chemistries and battery architectures, to designing and building prototype packs and supporting customers through to full-scale manufacturing implementation.

Among the areas of Ricardo experience Orient Technology will use are in the incorporation of battery state and parameter prediction: this will be based on Ricardo-developed condition monitoring, modelling and control algorithms.

“The automotive industry has over the past five years invested over US$10bn in the developing Li-ion technology to meet safety, performance, durability, and warranty targets,” said Ricardo Asia president, Gary Tan.

“Ricardo’s extensive experience in the development of energy storage enables the company to offer expert assistance in bringing forward further battery system innovations. We are also able to deploy our virtual engineering tool-set to this challenge, which enables rapid design, simulation and analysis of a wide range of battery design concepts.”