Novares Venture Capital Fund has invested in Actronika, a start-up specialised in the integration of haptic feedback technology into smart surfaces to create new user experience with intuitive HMI (Human Machine Interface).

Novares Venture Capital was created in 2018 by the Novares Group to build a start-up ecosystem in fields adding value to Novares’ products such as smart surfaces and mechatronics.

The group assembles a pool of key technologies to co-develop and offer disruptive systems and solutions for new user experiences.

Novares Venture Capital invests in start-ups with which it develops long-term partnerships and has already invested in FlexEnable, APAG CoSyst and signed a Letter of Intention in June, 2018 to participate in Actronika’s ongoing round of funding; the effective investment in Actronika has now been signed and seals the long-term collaboration between the two companies.

Actronika is a French start-up working on disruptive HMI, adding haptic technology to auditory and visual interfaces.

Novares and Actronika are collaborating on user experience projects within Novares’ open innovation lab, the Nova Car

Actronika’s technology is already integrated in the Novares Touch’N Feel concept, incorporated in the Novares demo car, Nova Car #1. It is a haptic touch & scroll panel which enables drivers to keep their eyes on the road.