NODAR, maker of multi-camera 3D vision technology, announced a collaboration with Inalfa Roof Systems, owned by Beijing Hainachuan Automotive Parts is demonstrating camera-based, high-performance 3D vision technology as an integrated option in future roof systems at the Munich motor show.

“NODAR is excited to announce our work with Inalfa to provide OEMs with roof systems equipped with 3D vision sensing that will offer the industry the most accurate and complete measurement of objects around the vehicle,” said Leaf Jiang, CEO of NODAR. “Our unique collaboration promises to elevate safety in the automotive market while offering OEMs alternative sensor options for driver-assisted and fully autonomous vehicles.”

Together, the collaboration will provide OEMs with real-time 3D sensing that is accelerating the advancement of ADAS and autonomous vehicles at an affordable price point. NODAR’s technology can sense a 10cm brick from 150m away and is claimed to be the most advanced long-range camera on the market to date, supporting ranges up to 1,000 meters. Inalfa Roof Systems has been an automotive systems supplier to OEMs for over 70 years and has a presence on three continents.