PSA Group is readying its Ellesmere Port Vauxhall/Opel factory in Britain for reopening but has yet to confirm a date.

It said the plant has remained "active" and implemented a protocol of reinforced health measures. This protocol, now approved by management, has been fully audited, in order to assess its implementation.

Management has invited Unite, the union representing plant employees, to make a final review of the safety protocols, before car assembly can resume.

The protocol comprises more than 100 measures covering all the company's activities at industrial, administrative, R&D and commercial level.

For example, the protocol – specifically developed for industrial sites – requires checking employees' temperatures, in addition to their self monitoring of symptoms.

The wearing of glasses on site is also supplemented by a daily individual supply of masks, and respecting safe distances between people. Measures include break areas with markings on the floor, keeping doors open (except fire doors) to avoid contact with handles, frequent cleaning of tools and work surfaces, waiting time when exchanging unprepared parts in a hand to hand environment.

"The industrial recovery schedule, which will be comprehensively discussed with Unite, has not yet been specified and will take into account the operating capacity left to companies by public authorities to exercise their commercial and industrial activities," PSA said in a statement.