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Nissan recruiting 400 for Sunderland

By Graeme Roberts 26 Jul 2021 (Last Updated July 26th, 2021 17:18)

Following on from investment, Nissan's announced English factory recruitment.

Nissan’s Sunderland reportedly has announced it is recruiting 400 people for its factory in north east England .

The Evening Standard said the automaker was offering permanent and temporary positions to help build a new electric vehicle, the EV36Zero.

Nissan last month announced a GBP1bn investment plan to make batteries, build the new model and generate renewable power locally.

Nissan vice president Alan Johnson was quoted by the London daily as saying: “This is a real vote of confidence in Sunderland from our parent company in Japan and will really reaffirm Sunderland’s reputation as a world-class manufacturer.

“These new recruits will play an important role in preparing the plant for the arrival of the new all-electric crossover model.”

The plant’s own website is offering temporary or permanent (‘fixed term contract’) roles at a starting rate of GBP24,000 a year.