Nissan has completed the installation of two new DC fast-charge stations in South East Michigan, adding to the growing infrastructure of electric vehicle fast-chargers in the State.

The stations are located at USA 2 GO convenience stores in the towns of Novi and Howell, along the I-96 expressway, allowing access to one of the State’s busiest highways.

“Nissan is dedicated to building a convenient EV charging infrastructure across the USm,” said Nissan North America EV infrastructure strategy and business development senior manager, JeSean Hopkins.

“While it’s not a priority for everyone, we firmly believe a robust infrastructure is key to the growth of EVs. Adding these fast chargers to Michigan’s EV infrastructure will benefit all regional EV owners, regardless of make or model.”

The two stations represent a more than 15% increase in Michigan’s current fast-charge EV infrastructure. Each station, installed in collaboration with EVgo and GoSpace, includes both CHAdeMO and CCS DC fast-charging outlets.

Of the 15 DC fast chargers now on-line in the state, Nissan had a direct part in the installation of each one.

Additionally, Nissan has played a part in the installation of 55% of all CHAdeMO fast-charge connections to date across the US, and recently announced the I-95 Fast-Charge ARC project which connects a 500-mile span between Boston and Washington DC.

This expansion will allow EV owners a quick place to charge their vehicles while travelling greater distances.