Nikola, Iveco and OGE have signed a letter of intent to establish a business structure for transporting hydrogen via pipeline from production to hydrogen fueling stations to support fuel-cell electric vehicles (FCEVs) in Germany.

Van and truck maker Iveco and OGE, operator of a 12,000km natural gas pipeline infrastructure network in Germany, will join Nikola which designs and makes heavy BEV trucks, FCEVs and energy infrastructure to improve the country’s hydrogen infrastructure to service and promote the growth of FCEVs in alignment with European policy and industry needs.

“The primary focus of this collaboration is to further develop hydrogen fueling solutions in Germany in support of the European commercial transportation system and to work with industry partners to install safe, reliable and cost-effective storage and fueling locations for FCEVs,” the partners said in a statement.

Nikola president of energy and commercial Pablo Koziner said: “We believe this collaboration presents a very compelling long-term fueling distribution solution that we expect to advance industry and overall market adoption of FCEV technologies.”

"OGE is committed to establishing a pipeline infrastructure to transport hydrogen from production sources to critical exit points of distribution," said Thomas Huewener, OGE's chief technical officer.

"We are proud to play an essential role in enabling fueling station development through our network capabilities and in working towards decarbonising the economy."