Nexteer Automotive is expanding the output capabilities of its pinion electric power steering (EPS) systems to meet needs of heavier EVs in segments B to D.

Nexteer’s new high-output options for Single Pinon-Assist EPS (SPEPS) and Dual Pinion-Assist EPS (DPEPS) join the supplier’s previously-announced High-Out Rack-Assist EPS (REPS) to provide high-output options for all types of underhood EPS systems.

The company’s new high-output options for DPEPS and SPEPS systems increase the steering capability by 12 to 20% – up to 14.5 kilonewtons (kN) for DPEPS and up to 12.5kN for SPEPS.

These solutions benefit OEM customers by enabling them to steer heavier EV loads in B through D segment vehicles without the need to move up to more premium EPS technologies traditionally employed for larger segment vehicles.

“Nexteer’s high-output EPS portfolio expansion further enhances the company’s position within the growing electrification trend – as well as capitalises on our global market leadership in REPS and market leadership with SPEPS in Europe,” said Nexteer Automotive executive board director, SVP, CTO and chief strategy officer, Robin Milavec.

“We believe our expanded high-output EPS product portfolio further strengthens our ability to meet the needs of our customers globally, while also offering new opportunities to expand our customer base and market diversification in an increasingly electrified future.”

In addition to Nexteer’s new High-Output DPEPS and High-Output SPEPS systems, the company’s High-Output REPS increases the steering capacity of Nexteer’s REPS – steering up to 24kN of load compared with 10-17kN for a typical REPS system.

As well as EVs, which are in many cases heavier than comparable internal combustion engine vehicles, High-Output REPS can also convert heavy-duty trucks and light commercial vehicles, in the 3.5–6T segment, from hydraulic to electric power steering. Now with the ability to steer these vehicle types electrically, drivers of HD trucks and LCVs can benefit from fuel efficiency, safety and features such as lane keep assist, crosswind compensation, trailer assist and more.

To date, Nexteer has booked three electric applications for High-Output REPS, including a full-size electric pick-up truck, an electric LCV (delivery van) and an electric autonomous Level 4 people mover (with no steering wheel).

Nexteer Expands High-Output Capabilities for All Underhood Electric Power Steering Systems