Mazda New Zealand reportedly is recalling over 4,000 vehicles due to fuel tank and indicator faults.

According to the New Zealand Press Association (NZPA), the recall applies to Mazda 6 vehicles manufactured between June 1, 2002, and February 14, 2004 and to used Japanese imports of the Mazda 6 known as the Mazda Atenza.

NZPA noted that the recall is the latest in a series of Japanese vehicle recalls, which have led to a dispute between motor dealers and the Land Transport Safety Authority over who has responsibility for monitoring Japanese recalls, which could affect local cars [imported used by distributors independent of the manufacturer].

Mazda NZ managing director Peter Aitken told NZPA that information recently received from its Japanese parent company indicated that under high temperatures the surface of the vehicle’s plastic fuel tank could increase, potentially damaging it.

But Aitken reportedly said the risk of damage to the fuel tank was minimal and the step to recall the vehicles was precautionary. Indicators on some vehicles could have a fault meaning they stop working intermittently.

He told NZPA that records indicated 4,033 6s and 138 Atenzas would be affected by the recall – the work required would be carried out free of charge, even on the Japanese import vehicles.