This year is proving to be a virtual mirror image of 2006 for new vehicle sales, according to a New Zealand trade group.

New car sales for the month of June reached 6,399, seven units ahead of June 2006 and 55 units up on May. 2,552 new commercial vehicles found owners in June, 47 fewer than in June last year, but 501 ahead of May.

Year to date, with half the year gone, new car sales reached 37,005, 0.3% down on the first half of 2006, and new commercial vehicle sales, at 12,170, were 0.4% down on the same period last year.

“It continues to be a healthy market for new vehicles, particularly when measured in historical terms,” said Motor Industry Association CEO Perry Kerr. “This is the fourth successive year in which the market will reach around 100,000 units.”

Toyota is maintaining market share similar to that of last year and in doing so is stretching its lead over Ford and Holden. A number of brands have increased market share over 2006 – these include Honda, Mazda, Hyundai and Suzuki.

Holden’s Commodore continued to be New Zealand’s top selling model for both the month and year to date. The Toyota Corolla remained in second place with the Ford Falcon third.