BMW Group has achieved its best ever first quarter in worldwide sales.

“With over 400,000 vehicles sold worldwide, we have had an outstanding first quarter and the best ever in the company’s history,” sales and marketing chief Ian Robertson said at the New York show.

“We have seen over 16% growth in the US this quarter and we expect further momentum with the new 3 Series sedan on the market, as well as the introduction of the X1 to the US in September.”

Since launch at the end of 2009, over 264,000 X1s have been sold worldwide, making it the leader in its segment.

Record first quarters in both the US and China contributed to the group’s first quarter results. In the US, sales climbed 13% in March to 29,806 vehicles. Year to date, 75,729 vehicles have been sold, up 16.6%. In China, the company achieved strong double digit growth in the first quarter with over 75,000 vehicles delivered.