Renault has announced new van production at its manufacturing facilities in Maubeuge and Sandouville, France.

Maubeuge serves as Renault’s small van centre and Sandouville is the production facility for the Trafic van.

By the end of the automaker’s plan, Alliance 2022, the grouping aims to double annual synergies to EUR10bn (US$11.4bn). To help achieve the target, Renault, Nissan and Mitsubishi Motors will accelerate collaboration on common platforms and common production facilities.

Flanked by French President Emmanuel Macron, Alliance chairman & CEO, Carlos Ghosn announced the new investments in France. They toured the plant. meeting employees and also visited the site’s training centre.

“Groupe Renault’s is driving synergies across the Alliance to benefit all our customers,” said Ghosn. “The Maubeuge and Sandouville plants provided the most attractive solution thanks to their competitiveness and ability to leverage Alliance common platforms.

“This year, Groupe Renault has announced a total investment in France of EUR1.4bn to support two pillars of growth: pure electric and light commercial vehicles.”

 The Maubeuge plant will serve as the manufacturing hub for the next-generation Renault Kangoo family, which includes electric versions. Groupe Renault is investing EUR450m for Kangoo production across five years. In 2019, 200 workers will be hired in order to support the van expansion.

The Nissan NV250, a new small van based on the current Renault Kangoo platform, also will be produced at Maubeuge, beginning in mid-2019.

Alliance and Daimler also reaffirm their partnership, with Renault currently producing the Mercedes Citan van at the Maubeuge plant.

Mitsubishi will source a vehicle on the same platform as the Trafic, built in Renault’s Sandouville plant, for markets in Australia and New Zealand.

Renault Maubeuge Plant:

  • The Maubeuge plant has been in French automotive manufacturing for almost 50 years and currently employs more than 2,200 workers. Working in small light commercial vehicles and electric vehicles, it currently serves as the production source for Renault Kangoo, Kangoo ZE, and Mercedes Citan
  • More than 60% of production is exported to 33 countries
  • In 2017, more than 130,000 Kangoo vehicles were sold throughout the world, with Kangoo ZE leading electric van sales in Europe.
  • The Maubeuge workforce spent more than 27,000 hours in training in 2017, around 20 hours per employee.
  • Maubeuge has developed an apprenticeship programme in conjunction with local schools focused on integrating youth into the workforce.