Porsche has revamped its digital services for smartphones and combined the functions for multiple apps as the My Porsche app becomes the central interface with the car and brand.

It will take over the functions of My Porsche Essentials, Connect App and Car Connect App. In coming months, additional apps such as Porsche Charging and Porsche – Good to know apps will also be integrated.

“Combining the full range of services and information in a single app will simplify use for customers and create a practical point of access… through a modern user interface,” the automaker said in a statement.

The app is compatible with vehicles from the 2016 model year. If there is a connection between the smartphone and the vehicle, the app displays important parameters and can be used as a remote control for selected functions. It also supports the driver with charging processes, dealer contact, service appointment requests and questions about the vehicle.

When the app is connected to a vehicle, it displays status such as fuel and/or charge levels, current mileage and location and can also show statistics from past trips or the settings of the VTS tracking system.

If the vehicle unexpectedly moves or drives faster than the applicable speed limit, the app alerts the user with a push notification. It can also lock and unlock the vehicle and control the air-conditioning system and auxiliary heating in battery-powered vehicles. Through the app, customers have access to digital operating manuals and supporting videos.

The My Porsche app also offers comprehensive networking by connecting accounts of streaming providers and calendars with corresponding apps in the vehicle. It also simplifies navigation by synchronising destinations and points of interest between the smartphone and the Porsche Communication Management (PCM) system.

The app is available in 47 countries and 25 languages for Apple iOS (iOS 14 and later) and smartphones with Android operating systems (Android 8 and later). Customers sign in with their Porsche ID or register directly in the app. Functions that access the vehicle are available for all current models and many older models.

The app can be downloaded free of charge.