Faurecia says the new DS4 features its solutions for ventilation and thermal management, alongside other technologies from its Interiors, Seating and Clean Mobility Business Groups.

The vehicle is equipped with Faurecia’s SmartVent solution for ventilation and thermal management.

The supplier maintains SmartVent, which builds on the DecoVent technology, alters the appearance of the dashboard by redesigning the internal structure of the ventilation system, without sacrificing performance.

The SmartVent, activated through intuitive HMI systems, is designed to open up space behind the dashboard in which OEMs are free to integrate electronic hardware and enhance solutions available to vehicle occupants.

“With its disruptive structure that opens new possibilities for carmakers, Faurecia’s ventilation solutions have set a technical and aesthetic standard in automotive design,” said Faurecia Interiors sales manager, Christophe Blanchard.

Faurecia Interiors will also provide various internal components of the new DS4, including the instrument panel (made from the NAFILean biocomposite) and the door panels.

Faurecia Seating will equip the new DS4 with the seat foams, headrests, the back seat’s frame and integrated ventilation.

Faurecia will also supply after-treatment and acoustic solutions through its Clean Mobility Business Group.