Shandong PGW Jinjing Automotive Glass (PJG), a joint venture between Shandong Jinjing Science & Technology Stock, a leading supplier of float glass in China, and Pittsburgh Glass Works (PGW), a world-leading supplier of automotive glass, have celebrated the opening of a new automotive glass manufacturing facility in Zibo, Shandong Province, China.

Construction began in 2014 and production started in 2016.

"By combining the respective advantages of both parent companies, PJG will pursue continuous improvement, so as to provide the technology and quality to serve the Chinese auto industry with world class products and services," said chairman Cao Tingfa.

PJG uses the latest in automotive glass manufacturing technology and claims to be a showcase of the best manufacturing and operations practices. The factory, which began production earlier this year, is currently delivering windscreens.

The new factory, along with an embedded product development and customer support centre, offers product and process technologies in order to serve the needs of global car producers in China. The addition of this modern automotive glass plant is an important step in the maturation of the China automotive market, with consumers, and hence vehicle manufacturers, demanding world class technologies in their cars. The PJG facility will be able to satisfy that need, the supplier said.

As the Chinese automotive market faces tough challenges with the upcoming fuel economy and emissions targets set by the regulators, the PJG facility is equipped to make glazing that will help vehicle manufacturers meet these increasingly tougher targets.

PJG will produce some of the most complex parts that are being demanded by the discerning Chinese consumer, while also being very cost competitive due to the efficient design and operations. The plant is capable of producing windshields that require technologies like Heads Up Display (HUD), full surface heating, complex bend, lightweight glazing, solar performance products and antenna systems, among others. The best-in-class lightweight and solar performing glazing products reduce the fuel consumption of a vehicle and help decrease greenhouse gas emissions.

When fully operational, the new facility will have capacity for 2m car sets and employ around 350 workers. The facility size is 34,600 square metres.