maker Fuji Heavy Industries has taken a step towards the rationalisation of
its European distribution and sales operations announced in March by appointing
the Rotterdam, Holland-based Broekman Group as ‘lead logistics provider’ for
car distribution.

After two years of evaluation, Fuji will base its European import operation
in the giant Dutch port of Rotterdam.

Rather than shipping cars from Japan to a number of European ports, all ships
will now go to Rotterdam, with the first vessel due in the second half of July.
The trip from Japan takes around 30 days.

The Broekman Group will also handle railway transport for Subaru-badged models
produced by the Magyar Suzuki plant in Hungary.

Broekman will handle about 40,000 cars per year initially but expects this
to increase to around 60,000 annually within three years.

In a statement Broekman said the Subaru contract would allow the company to
make good use of the recently expanded Rotterdam Car Terminal in the Brittanniëhaven
section of the port.

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