BYD has announced that its pure electric bus has received the EU’s Whole Vehicle Type Approval, allowing it to sell its electric buses in all EU member states without the need for individual national approval.

BYD says that by obtaining this approval BYD has taken ‘another significant step’ for its electric bus business. It will help ensure the successful implementation of BYD’s business plan for its electric buses in EU countries this year.

BYD has been targeting sales in Europe of its pure electric bus, (It claims it is the first 12 metre fully electric bus on the market), and has said it has orders in a number of countries including China, Netherlands, Finland, Denmark, Israel, Uruguay, Canada and the United States.

A series of successful demonstrations in major European cities have also been completed or started, BYD says. Venues have included Amsterdam (Schipol airport), Budapest, Madrid, Barcelona, Brussels and Salzburg. In addition, BYD has recently announced that it is to set up a joint venture to manufacture electric buses in Bulgaria.