Delphi Automotive is substantially increasing its capacity in Tangier, Morocco, where it manufactures advanced wiring systems for vehicle manufacturers throughout Europe.

Almost 1,200 new jobs have been created since the beginning of the year and recruitment will continue into 2012 to support the growing demand for smaller, lighter, more efficient electrical/electronic distribution systems.

Delphi’s first plant in Morocco was opened in Tangier in 1999 and a sister plant started in the same city in 2008. Today, the two plants jointly employ more than 7,200 people manufacturing electrical/electronic distribution systems.

The new buildings will add 5,400 sqm for the manufacture of specialist sub-system harnesses and high-precision connection systems. The operations expect to manufacture full vehicle harnesses starting early next year.

The investment builds on Delphi’s commitment to manufacturing in Morocco. New high-precision injection moulding systems have been installed and the employee training programme has been strengthened, providing a minimum of seven days of full-time training for machine operators and up to six months for more specialist positions.

“Electrical/electronic architecture (E/EA) systems are critical to the efficient operation of every vehicle system,” said   Delphi electrical/electronic distribution systems Europe, Middle-East and Africa managing director Pietro Ottavis. “The complexity of E/EA systems and sub-systems are driven up as more features are added to help reduce emissions [and] improve safety.

“The growth of our facilities in Tangier is a compliment to the success of our people in developing and manufacturing compact, lightweight technologies that help vehicle manufacturers successfully address these requirements.”

Delphi’s investments in Morocco have also been supported by various government entities. “We have an excellent relationship with the government of Morocco,” said Delphi Packard electrical/electronic architecture, Morocco managing director Jose Carlos Jimenez.

“We have also received great support from ANAPEC, the national agency for promoting employment and skills, to develop manufacturing facilities staffed by highly skilled local people.”

The company is also expanding its supplier support programme. “In areas such as training and maintenance, we are working with local companies and developing them to become important partners to our operations in Morocco,” said Jimenez.

“We’ve been very impressed by the capability of local businesses and by their enthusiasm to work at world-class standards that help Delphi to be flexible, fast and reliable.”