XPeng has shipped a second batch of over 200 G3 smart electric SUVs to Norway. This follows an earlier initial batch of 100 in December 2020.

The G3s already in Norway are expected to receive their first Xmart OS upgrade this month with a selection of new and enhanced functions, including optimised active safety assistance such as ACC (Adaptive Cruise Control) and LCC (Lane Centering Control), adding new voice commands to support in-car maps, optimised voice assistance to better support vehicle control and navigation, and adaptive control panel brightness adjustment, among other features.

The list price for the G3 in Norway starts at 358,000 NKr (approx. EUR 33,700 / GBP 30,300 / USD 41,000).

“XPeng is actively exploring opportunities in other EV-mature markets with supportive government policies, advanced EV infrastructure and high EV awareness,” the Chinese automaker said.

XPeng achieved a record monthly delivery of 6,015 Smart EVs (3,710 P7s and 2,305 G3s) in January 2021, a 470% increase from January 2020 – marking the third consecutive month of record-breaking delivery numbers.

It recently announced news of a third production model – a new smart EV sedan slated for official launch and customer delivery in 2021. It will be equipped with lidar technology from Livox.

The P7 meanwhile became the first mass production vehicle to use a Surrounding Reality (SR) display for navigation assisted autonomous driving. It also became the first mass production vehicle with Amap’s third generation in-car navigation system, with artificial intelligence (AI) visual technology and high-precision maps to provide highly accurate lane-level navigation, delivering co-guidance for both vehicle and driver.

The automaker launched the beta version of its Navigation Guided Pilot (NGP) highway product, a key function of XPILOT3.0. NGP conducts automatic navigation assisted driving from point A to B based on the navigation route set by the driver.

It also launched a new version of the operating system Xmart OS 2.5.0 version via Ota upgrade to P7 customers, optimising 200+ features and adding 40+ new functions, covering ADAS, full-scenario voice assistance, smart audio cockpit, in-car APP ecosystem, and personalized settings. NGP was a key function added in this OTA upgrade.