NextEV NIO and Mobileye N.V. announced that they have signed a Memorandum of Understanding for a strategic partnership to jointly develop differentiated L4 autonomy for NIO US vehicles by 2019.

NIO USA vehicles will be built upon the Car 3.0 stack, a set of integrated modular technologies and infrastructure conceived from the ground up for L4 Autonomous Electric Vehicles. In its entirety, the Car 3.0 stack will deliver transformational digitally immersive user experiences for their customers. NIO USA plans to launch its first vehicles built fully in 2019.

As part of the engagement, Mobileye will provide an EyeQ-based compute platform hosting Mobileye solutions for full 8-camera surround vision and sensor fusion. These solutions will be deployed within the L4 Autonomy module of NIO USA’s Car 3.0 stack. NIO USA will develop certain L4 AD features that augment the Mobileye system, and enable NIO’s Car 3.0 stack to deliver specific target experiences for vehicle users.

“At NIO USA we are focused on delivering amazing digitally immersive user experiences in our vehicles, made possible only by our Car 3.0 stack,” said Padmasree Warrior, CEO of NIO USA. “Autonomy is an important module of our Car 3.0 stack. We are delighted to be partnering with Mobileye on the L4-AD system module, which will interact with the rest of the Car 3.0 stack to deliver unique, purpose-built user experiences available only to our customers.”

“We look forward to having NIO as a strategic partner and to our joint global development for L4 autonomy by 2019,” said Professor Amnon Shashua, chairman and CTO of Mobileye. “Mobileye will work with NIO on the EyeQ4 and later EyeQ5 from deployment of computer vision and fusion with radars and lidars, to REM mapping and driving policy algorithms.” 

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