Mobileye, with the Chinese Research Institute of Highway Ministry of Transport, has unveiled findings from a 2015 test of their collision avoidance technology.

During the tests, around 300 of Mobileye aftermarket collision avoidance systems were installed on buses and trucks and driven 15m kilometres.

On average, vehicles equipped with Mobileye systems showed:

. 27% decrease in forward collision warnings per 100km.

. 26% decrease in unintended lane departures per 100km.

. 39% decrease in the number of Headway Warnings per 100km.

 . 21-35% decrease in the average “Risk Ratio”

“We are excited to have the opportunity to work with China’s Research Institute of Highway Ministry of Transport to test our collision avoidance technology on commercial vehicles,” said Elad Serfaty, VP and General Manager Aftermarket Division of Mobileye.

“Governing and regulatory agencies are recognising the value of collision avoidance technology and are calling for it to become a standard feature in all vehicles.

“The test results we shared verify the potentially life-saving benefits of Mobileye’s technology.”

Research Institute of Highway Ministry of Transport spokesman, Yang Dongbo, added: “Safety continues to be our key focus. Radically reducing traffic accidents requires joint efforts from the government, industry and enterprises.

“We are pleased Mobileye is joining us to provide testing and recording results to support the need for advanced safety technology in vehicles, especially commercial vehicles, to ensure safe driving.”