Mitsubishi Turbocharger and Engine Europe (MTEE), a Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Group company, has unveiled Range+, a power generator capable of rapidly charging the battery of a battery electric vehicle (BEV) while driving.

MTEE, along with its partner Prodrive Technologies, has designed and developed The Range+ prototype as a range extender for BEVs focused on affordability and practicality.

“Range+ solves many of the issues which are currently holding back consumers from purchasing BEVs,” said MTEE general manager, Turbocharger Division, Bas Bonnier.

“In back-up situations, the Range+ increases the driving range by charging the battery as you drive. And thanks to its multi fuel capability, a vehicle can be refuelled in only few minutes.”

The Range+ prototype is based on turbocharger and gas turbine technology; it uses a gas turbine to drive a generator which charges the battery.

The future series production version of the Range+ will be designed with low NOx emissions and to comply with the SULEV 2025 (California) emission standard.

The target specification for the produced Range+ series is a 31% overall efficiency, which will generate 30kWe, sufficient to drive a passenger vehicle at 130km/h speed continuously.