Following the launch of its new Xpander Cross crossover in Indonesia in November 2019, Mitsubishi Motors announced the vehicle was introduced in the Philippines on 13 March and in Thailand today, 16 March.

MMC said it would now sequentially launch the model "in other countries focusing on ASEAN".

The Xpander Cross combines "more robust" SUV exterior styling with multi-purpose vehicle (MPV) features.

MMC pitches it as a "family-friendly crossover built with solid SUV styling, comfortable and pleasant drivability, as well as a practical and versatile interior design". The vehicle is the top variant of the Xpander line which has been very successful in the Asian markets in which it was launched initially.
The automaker had sold a combined tally of 250,000 standard and Cross variants by the end of February 2020.

Mitsubishi Motors Krama Yudha Indonesia (MMKI) in Bekasi, Indonesia, which manufactures the Xpander Cross, increased capacity to 220,000 units in 2019 in response to strong demand both in Indonesia and ASEAN export markets.

MMKI had exported 100,000 units of the standard Xpander by the end of February 2020, contributing, it said, "to the improvement of the economy, employment, and imports and exports balance of Indonesia".