Microvast has opened its new European headquarters in Ludwigsfelde near Berlin.

While the team is partially constrained to working at home due to the current coronavirus-related regulations in the Federal State of Brandenburg, some of them are preparing for production start at the German plant.

“Anyone who has ever engaged in corporate relocation and the set-up of a production facility would know how challenging these tasks are even in normal times,” said Microvast senior VP Sales & Marketing, Western Globe, Sascha Kelterborn.

“Our employees and service partners have done truly an exceptional job under the current pandemic circumstances.”

Some 43 employees will start working in the new office building covering a space of 3,400 square metres as soon as the situation permits. Production of battery modules will also start on time in Q1, 2021. 

In the initial phase, up to 1.5 GWh of battery modules will be manufactured. At the final stage, the factory can accommodate 250 employees and generate an output of up to 6 GWh. During the ramp-up phase, 500,000 battery modules will be assembled on the approximately 100-metre-long production line.

The 10,500 square metre production hall will host one of the world’s first modular production lines for the assembly of battery modules, which is newly-designed and made by Thyssenkrupp. Next to the hall is a warehouse, where the battery components are stored and subsequent distribution takes place.

The production premises, which were completed in two years after concept design, have direct access to the B101 Ludwigsfelde East highway and the Berlin metropolitan area.