Michelin has joined the Avenza Map Store to offer its maps through the Avenza app.

The partnership will enable Michelin to address increasing demand for mobile maps, which include offline or off-network access and functionality.

A limited number of Michelin’s popular road and tourist maps and bundles are available in PDF format in the Avenza Map Store, with plans to expand the map portfolio in time. All maps are georeferenced and maintain locational and spatial awareness on GSP-enabled smartphones and tablets, meaning users can locate their positions and navigate without a cellular network or internet connection.

“Michelin has guided travellers to the best trails, hotels and culinary destinations for over 120 years,” said Michelin North America director of travel and lifestyle sales, Eileen Osteen.

 “Michelin’s partnership with Avenza Maps supports our mission to provide a better way forward for our customers by offering an enhanced digital experience, especially for travellers who venture off the grid.”

The Avenza Map Store currently includes nearly 1m free and paid maps that users can search and browse, download, and purchase exclusively for use in the Avenza Maps app.

App users can mark points of interest, attach photos, measure distances and areas, record GPS tracks and more using the mapping tools. Avenza offers step-by-step video instructions on how to navigate the features within the app.