Topy Fasteners, a subsidiary company of Topy Industries will establish and construct a new company and factory in Mexico for the manufacture and sales of industrial fasteners.

Topy Fasteners supplies industrial fastener products such as precision flat springs to a wide range of fields including two-wheel vehicles, four-wheel vehicles, precision machinery, and industrial equipment. The high quality products of Topy Fasteners, has earned a high degree of trust from the market and has manufacturing sites in Japan, the US, Thailand, and Vietnam to suit the needs of customers who have expanded their businesses on a global scale.

In the recent years, major Japanese and other global automobile manufacturers have expanded their businesses into Mexico. Mexico has the geological advantage of being a neighbouring country of the US, and the advantages of several free trade agreements which enable automobile manufacturers to supply both the North American and South American markets. Under these conditions, the expansion of automobile related demand is expected. The new company will support the steady supply of high precision, high quality industrial fastener products to Japanese and Western automobile manufacturers as well as car parts manufacturers, and will supplement the increasing automobile related demand in the American market.

With the establishment of the new manufacturing company and the construction of a new factory for industrial fasteners in Mexico, the Topy Industries Group will promote one of the most important themes, ‘Enhancement of Global Business (Quantitative Growth).’