Ford plants in Mexico may make some of the new models that the company hopes will spearhead its return to prominence in the mid-sized car market, a Ford executive told Reuters.

“If things go well, it is likely that this year we will have confirmation that indeed there will be a new product (made) in Mexico,” Ford Mexico head Marcos De Oliveira told the news agency.

In April, Ford unveiled the Futura which will provide the platform of up to 10 new Ford, Lincoln and Mercury models over the next several years, the news agency noted.

De Oliveira told Reuters that production at Ford’s three plants in Mexico was likely to fall this year due to excess capacity and low demand in the United States.

According to the report, Ford produced 185,874 units in Mexico in 2002, down from 239,690 in 2001, and manufactured 57,334 vehicles in Mexico from January to May this year, a drop of 15.5% from the same period in 2002.