New light vehicle sales in Mexico to the end of October totalled 884,214, 4.1% up on the same period in 2004, according to, citing data from the Mexican Automotive Industry Association (AMIA).

Toyota retailed 25,355 vehicles in the period, 37.5% more than in the same 10 months of 2004.

Among the worst performers was local manufacturer Volkswagen, which sold 118, 281 new vehicles, 12.5% down on the year before.

Mitsubishi’s sales grew 42.1% to 11,315 while Honda’s were up 25.5%, at 28,367.

The leader, General Motors, retailed 198,870 (up 5.3%). In second place Nissan sold 179,969 units (0.1% up).

A surprise for many was Ford’s performance, said. The blue oval retailed 150,064 vehicles in the period, 9.6% up, while DaimlerChrysler also did well, retailing 96,980 vehicles (excluding Mercedes-Benz and smart), 8.8% up.

Exports totaled 933,432 vehicles, down 0.7% on the first 10 months of 2004. DaimlerChrysler accounted for 29.9% of all light vehicle exports, according to AMIA, followed by GM (28%), Volkswagen (20%), Nissan (13.8%), Ford (6.9%) and Honda (1.3%).

Total production to the end of October was 1,290,237 vehicles, up 0.1%, while production in October rose 15.7% to 166,523.

The largest producers to the end of October were GM (338,072), Nissan (290,887), DaimlerChrysler (289,479), Volkswagen (239,831), Ford (100,350), Honda (19,682) and Renault (11,923), said.