DaimlerChrysler (Mexico) has signed an agreement with South Korean car manufacturer Hyundai to import sub-compact vehicles – made by Hyundai – and to market them under the ‘Atos by Dodge‘ name, says Reforma/Infolatina (12/10/00) citing Antonio Gonzalez, DaimlerChrysler (Mexico) Director of Public Relations.

Quoting Mr Gonzalez, the report says that the company plans to import 4,500 Atos models before the end of 2000. Import volumes for the year 2001 will be based on demand and have yet to be determined.

According to Mr Gonzalez, the vehicles – which will allow DaimlerChrysler to increase the range of products it can offer within Mexico – are set to go on sale at DaimlerChrysler distributorships throughout Mexico in the final week of October.