A gas line ruptured by a rebel left-wing guerrilla group that briefly affected vehicle output in Mexico has been repaired.

Mexican state oil monopoly Petroleos Mexicanos said that the key natural gas pipe attacked last week is now working normally, according to an Associated Press (AP) report.

The pipeline – running between Mexico City and Guadalajara and feeding four industry-rich states in western Mexico – is now supplying gas at the same levels it did prior to the attacks, Pemex was reported to have said.

Service was suspended last Tuesday after several blasts damaged different sections of the pipeline but gas was moving again on Friday. Nissan’s plant had switched briefly to LPG and a Honda factory was also affected. The automakers quickly announced agreements with their workers to make up lost production of a few thousand units.

The EPR claimed responsibility for the explosions and vowed to continue the attacks, AP said.

A local media report said automakers had voiced confidence in Mexico and did not regard the attacks as a serious threat to their future operations in the country.

Aside from the car makers, other ‘household name’ companies including Kellogg and Hershey were forced to suspend or scale back operations because of the lack of natural gas, The Associated Press said.

GM, Chrysler and Volkswagen also have major factories in Mexico.