Mercedes-Benz has started producing high-performance batteries for its all-electric luxury EQS at its Stuttgart-Hedelfingen plant, part of the Untertuerkheim location in Germany, ahead of the sedan's world premiere on 15 April.

The EQS is first of a new generation of high performance electric vehicles and will offer a range of more than 700km (WLTP), based on a high efficiency powertrain and advances in battery energy density.

Having integrated battery production seamlessly alongside existing transmission production, the Hedelfingen plant has been transformed into an important part of the company's global battery production network.

Hedelfingen has a production and logistics area of about 16,500 sq m. The lithium-ion battery system is produced on a 300m production line with 70 stations and with a high number of automated as well as manual steps. A variety of components including up to 12 cell modules and the EE-compartment for the intelligent integration of power electronics make up the EQS battery system. The EE-compartment is assembled in Berlin. 

The EQS will be equipped with battery layouts enabling different range and performance variants.

In-house-developed software enables updates over the air (OTA) ensuring energy management will remain up-to-date over the entire lifetime of the vehicle. EQS battery cell chemistry includes nickel, cobalt and manganese in a ratio of 8: 1: 1, cutting the cobalt content to around 10%. 

A new factory for small-series production of future lithium-ion battery cells is being planned, starting operations in 2023.