Daimler's Mercedes-Benz boosted unit sales 12.9% year on year to 170,625 vehicles in May. Year to date sales rose 12.3% to a record 818,175 units.

"Our double-digit growth in Europe and Asia-Pacific made a major contribution to the strong unit sales of Mercedes-Benz in May," said marketing and sales chief Ola Kallenius.

Sales in Europe increased by 14.2% to 74,268 units in May due to double-digit growth in the major markets of Great Britain, Italy, Spain and Belgium. German sales rose 4.9% to 23,343.

Asia-Pacific sales rose 24.2% to 57,438 vehicles.Compact cars set a May record with volume up 15.6% to 53,618 units. China sales more than doubled.

May was the first full month of sales of the redesigned E-Class and the wagon has just been launched. Since the last revamp in 2009, more than 1.6m have been delivered.

SUV sales rose 42% to 58,517 units last month, rewarding the automaker for expanding its model lines.

Sales of Smart Fortwo and Forfour models also increased at a double-digit rate in May – up 15.1% to 12,822. Asia-Pacific region sales increased by 50% last month.