Marelli is to open a production facility for electric drivetrains in Cologne, Germany, with start of production slated for the first half of 2021.

“With the new production facility, we are expanding our manufacturing footprint and capacities for this important growth market,” said Marelli Electric Powertrain business CEO, Joachim Fetzer.

“We have chosen Cologne for its location in the heart of Europe, as we find highly skilled employees with experience in the auto industry here and as the region is developing into a centre for e-mobility.”

In the new facility in Cologne, a production line for electric drivetrains will be installed on 18,000 sq metres, while there is space for potential future expansion. At start of production in the first half year of 2021, the facility will employ around 160 employees. Marelli plans to hire up to 60 additional employees throughout 2021. 

“Electric powertrain is a core element of Marelli’s growth strategy,” added Fetzer. “We already have a great deal of experience in the market, having been one of the early suppliers of the KERS [Kinetic Energy Recovery System], the first hybrid solution in Formula 1, as well as being a pioneer of electric powertrain for Formula E.

“In the past years, we have been very successful in bringing our technologies for electric mobility to the mass market and with the new facility in Cologne we are in a strong position to continue on that path.”

Marelli offers a technology portfolio enabling the design of electric vehicle platforms. This includes active and passive systems for the 800 volt high performance and fast charging technology, battery management systems, cooling plates, electric compressors and other solutions.